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About STEAM W.I.P. and the new demo

Since last week we released a new DEMO, v. 0.5.4.
Just because we fixed and improved a lot of things, we have thought it would be a good idea to make a new demo from the current alpha we are working on.
Here is the nice list of new things, that you will find in it:

  • the menu with the new interface and commands
  • new options + remapping of the game controls
  • new save game system (even if not that important for the demo…)
  • environment improvements (new stuff and more info about the sectors)
  • reloading while walking
  • new story + updated info texts
  • updated and improved sfx + ambient sounds
  • various bug fixed
  • LESS THAN 120 MB  :D

You can find it on our THE BODY CHANGER DESURA page or just download it from our STORE page.

On the STEAM side ;) a lot of people had asked if we will have CARDs and all the stuff that makes STEAM great. The answer is: of course yes. ^__^
We have designed a part of the ICONS for the ACHIEVEMENTS – of course not really visible NOW:


We have an ACHIEVEMENTS list that is changing a bit (while testing and playing…), some art need a bit more work (like more contrast) and there will be some more icons at the end . Of course some will be hidden until discovered ;)

We have done also a CARDS list so, if you like to collect CARDS, maybe you will have soon also the THE BODY CHANGER cards in your list. ;)
The art is not ready now but we have made some sketches.

If you want to share something you would like to see, just write a comment bellow. We will do what we can to make you happy. ;)

Have a great time.

ps. By the way, for the DESURA costumers that has bought THE BODY CHANGER, a huge update is coming… ;)

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After the New Game Designer 2014 in Milan some gameplay updates

We were at the New Game Designer 2014, in Milan – our first official appearance at a trade show:

We had some great time with the other developers and the occasional players which seem to enjoy a lot THE BODY CHANGER - we were impressed. Some were very curious and excited to try it (see the pic ;) ) and it was nice to chat a bit with the people and watching them play.
If you like, more photos can be seen on our official Google plus page.

Now that THE BODY CHANGER is greenlit we are back on the game development, so it’s time for a new update, don’t you think? ;)
We are now on another new Sector, which has some new and very different puzzles then the usual stuff:

  • more interaction with the noisers
  • new types of environment objects to use
  • a new SynB
  • …and here I must stop because the spoilers ;) but you take a look to the pics:

New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014 New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014

New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014 New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014

New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014 New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014

We had also designed more puzzles for the next Sectors – I must tell ya, we were very inspired. ;) but those are for the future news.

So that’s all for now, please remember ;) to tell your friend about the THE BODY CHANGER in case they have missed it – the release date is coming (maybe) soon ^_^.

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Noi. Domani. Milano. New Game Design 2014. Venite!

Domani, 1 luglio, noi 2 di TheShortAndTheTall saremo a Milano al New Game Design 2014.

É la nostra prima uscita, non abbiamo la minima idea di come sia ma ovviamente speriamo di divertirci magari assieme a voi. Quindi venite a trovarci così da per provare The Body Changer oltre a fare due chiacchiere.
L’evento dovrebbe essere trasmesso anche in streaming dal canale di EUROGAMER italia. Maggiori info dal sito ufficiale della NGD2014 .

A domani! ^_^

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Finally THE BODY CHANGER has been Greenlit

greenlitSo we made it! ^_^

THE BODY CHANGER  was included with the last batch of 75 titles and this made us very happy but also proud.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all the people that has supported us, answered our emails, gave us suggestions and critics, tried the demo or the alpha, and had belief in our game.

In last months we were focused on PR but now we will go back on development with the new milestone that is, of course finish the game, and make it as great as possible. There is still a lot to do and we haven’t a release date, FOR NOW. But we will try to write as many news as possible and when we will be ready we will write, as big as possible, the final date.. ;)

THANKS AGAIN, you are Great.

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Non stop running!

Happy Eas…
… ok, it’s late. -_-
Even if the news here didn’t flow as a river  we are still developing as crazy monkeys :D and, also, answering your nice email ( and btw: TKS TO ALL!).
If you would like to know on what we are working, here is the list:

  • The new Sector 3, with some nice dark zone and a new SynB, the Dart, which has a nice new ability (pictures above)
  • A better check for the plugged-in joypad, because on some machines our engine doesn’t see the pad
  • Fixed an important bug that “destroys” the UI on window resize
  • Better save game with a new management, and this goes with…
  • …the game menu! Yes, finally, we are on it. ;) This will take some time but it’s an important step so it needs it.
  • The game story – we are writing all the stuff about the SynBs (that means Synthetic Beings) and the world of The Body Changer, the events of the game and much more. Many asked about the SynBs, what they are etc… so the info are coming.
  • Some minor bug fixing and we are also looking for some compatibility problems with Win8 (still in progress)

Btw our current rating on Desura and IndieDB is very good, 9.2/10  –  9.1/10 plus we have soooo many Good comments. Like..:

«the best desura game»
«I’d describe it as a mix of Lost Vikings and Portal
«Very innovative approach to the third person game genre. Creative puzzles mixed with some good action. I would say one of the best games developed now considering the indie status»
«The Body Changer has been the best looking and most interesting game I’ve played this 2014. »
«Really cool game should be more famous»
«Such a very well developed game, just loved the fact that the game is so unique. »
«This is a very nice game concept, I really liked it, and that’s saying much cause I don’t like puzzle games in general


But the way to the heaven is still long so please ,if you haven’t, support us on STEAM GREENLIGHT … we need still a lot of votes and any new one is one more for reaching the top-100.

And if not sure, remember that you can try the demo on DESURA.


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Hi followers
we are finally on GREENLIGHT with THE BODY CHANGER!
The Body Changer icon
Can you support us? ;) Please press the YES button on the page and make it happen.

Btw have you seen the current video? Check it out and remember that you can try the demo on DESURA:

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Desura Weekly Release Highlights – Ep.9 with THE BODY CHANGER

A new THE BODY CHANGER update is coming soon but the today’s news is that we are on the Desura Weekly Release Highlights – Ep.9
Watch & then support… why not? ;)




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