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Sector-07 work in progress

Hi all

after the Ubuntu release we are of course working on the new Sectors.
Currently we are building Sector-07 and designing Sector-08.

Sector-07 is more or less more action oriented after a completely puzzle oriented Sector-06. The idea is to make a more dark zone then the rest of the game and all focused on exploration and fights in big rooms with new monsters – yes we have a new genre, here. ;)

At the end of the Sector there will be a special bonus for the Nexus SynB but you need to play to find out ;).

Some pics:

And here a sneak peek from part of the map of Sector-08 even if it could change a bit:


Sector-08 will be a mix of action and puzzles with a lot of “defend your team and use your brain” but this info are for the next update. ;)

Have fun and please spread the word!



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Let’s celebrate the UBUNTU release with a DISCOUNT!

tbc_linuxSaleHi all!
With the new version for UBUNTU we put THE BODY CHANGER on a DISCOUNT PRICE for a limited period of time so grab your copy now if you haven’t already!

The current version, if you don’t know, has 5 complete Sectors/levels with tons of Action and a lot of puzzles, a 1 main story mode and 3 different arena modes with distinct game mechanic but all action oriented and with a nice arcade feeling!
Sector 6 is in coming soon – almost done:

screenshot_0003and here a sneak peek of the upcoming WIP Sector-07

tbc_sector7scr_0031Still not sure? Take a look to another nice video on YouTube, this time from the nice MegaGWolf:

Enjoy and please share!



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THE BODY CHANGER: Linux UBUNTU version ready!


Finally THE BODY CHANGER is available also on UBUNTU!
After some hard work during last Christmas, everything seems to work as it should, as you can see from the new screenshots, below. The port took some time but it was worth it.

Please note that the requested version of Ubuntu is 14.04.1 and as usual if you want to give us some feedback, please let us know in the comments below.

Here some screens from UBUNTU version:

[Immagine: tbc_linux_01.jpg][Immagine: tbc_linux_02.jpg]And it works perfectly also windowed:

[Immagine: tbc_linux_03.jpg][Immagine: tbc_linux_04.jpg]

So after this little digression we are currently building a new area and designing new puzzles for the next Sector.
The new area was in the begin a part from the new Sector but then we decide to change a bit things here and there and.. you will see. ;)

So with next news you will have maybe some new screens – and don’t forget that Sector 6 is almost done but need to be added to the main game flow so very soon also this part will be available.

Until next time take care and have a great time,



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Christmas surprise! EFFING DEAD has been GREENLIT!

efffD_greenlit…and when you think you have opened all the gifts under the tree, another one jumps out!
SO, finally, EFFING DEAD has been GREENLIT and we must of course say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU!

As you maybe now, we are currently full (night) time on THE BODY CHANGER so EFFING DEAD must wait a bit more but we have some ideas. ;)
So wait for future news and why not follow us on FACEBOOK or on TWITTER ?
As usual, please, tell your friends!  It’s nice to be part of this little but GREAT INDIE GAME COMMUNITY !


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year + a small gift

So, it’s time for some Holidays, so we 2 from TheShortAndTheTall would like to say

merryCMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And, of course, TKS SO MUCH for all the support you gave us! A bit hug to you all!
Before leaving here’s a tiny gift for you all, some nice avatar-icons, just click the image or here:


2015 will be GREAT with the final release of THE BODY CHANGER!

(And don’t forget that THE BODY CHANGER is still on SALE on STEAM;) )


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Some cards

Hi all,

today we meet for the weekly point-of-the-situation and we are finally on the new Sector – slowly but we are on it. Even if it’s winter we will still continue with the development, maybe even more then usual. ;)
For the STEAM gamers here are 2 previews of the game cards:

tbc_cardDarttbc_cardIghelWIP2Other are done and soon we will finally put them into the game.
Another thing: last demo version, 0.5.25,  had a BUG with the V-Blade on the STORY MODE. It’s fixed and ready to be downloaded on IndieDB and also for the Desura users.So if you have demo 0.5.25 please download version 0.5.26 .

Until next time take care and have some great plays.

PS: remember that THE BODY CHANGER is on SALE on STEAM! Spread the word! ^_^



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So, time again for another SALE for THE BODY CHANGER, but this time on STEAM for the HOLIDAY SALE.

Jump now on STEAM and buy it right now and spare some bucks! tbc_attackWithSaleAnd if not sure, download the FREE DEMO and give it a try ;)



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