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Hi  everyone.
Our first post is also our first announcement, about our first game (everything is first today) called: EFFING DEAD.
Because a video is much better then thousand words, take a look right now:

EFFING DEAD is our touch to the survival genre: we loved Resident Evil 4 and we are missing it too, our project is deliberately inspired by it. We wanted to use what we liked of RE4 improving some aspects of the gameplay and the variety of puzzles and try to be an evolution.

For now we don’t want to give more information about the game story, the mechanics and all the world of EFFING DEAD. You just need to know that a first open beta is coming so, please, come back sometimes to see what’s going on – we are sure you will not be disappointed. -_^

Effing Dead First Gallery

Soon we will post news with details of current state, images and new videos.
And we would like to share parts of our game to you. That means that we will give for free (with Creative Commons licenses) stuff from EFFING DEAD like characters, weapons, scripts… The more the development comes near to the end, the more stuff we will release.
On the top menu you can see the STUFF link: have a nice download.

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “First

  1. Hi there, nice work here 🙂

  2. I looove the sword. LOOVE

  3. Hi there, just dropping in to let you know that you have been featured on Indie Game Blogs:

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