The Short And The Tall

Two guys that make indiegames

Lights, camera, revolution

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Hi everyone.
We didn’t post anything since days because we have finished the OPEN BETA bug fixing.
That’s right, asap the OPEN BETA will be available for anyone but there will be some more news with it. 😉

Btw we have made some changes effingdead_shot4_27 after many forum comments. As you see, maybe, in one of the last post, we change the lighting but recently we improve it  AGAIN ^_^  and add some rim lights to the characters, to get a nice outline on them (tks to Oogst from Ogree3D forum for the tip). So, even in complete dark, it will be possible to see if you are not alone – maybe you see something similar on Team Fortress II.

Also, we change the camera position, more close and a bit on the right of the player’s avatar, and introduce the possibility to deactivate the enemies energy bars, because different people wrote that they prefer to DON’T know the health state of the zombies and mutants.

So, what’s next? As we finish some stuff we will publish the first beta – it’s just about days. Follow us to know when it will be available or come back here sometimes.

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