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Let’s put some ragdoll

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Even if in the last post I wrote about the new GFX, we don’t want to show the progress right now.
Just a few more day, even if it could be next week.

In the meanwhile, we have another progress of EFFING DEAD to show, the ragdoll behavior on the enemies. You know: you shot to one of the infected clone and – BOOM – the magic explode and some crazy stuff happen on their bodies.
…and also a bit creepy.

A lot of comments here and there were about the animation, a bit too rigid, but we think that one major faults were the dead ones because, let’s be honest, it’s nice to see a BIG reward in “animation” when you shoot to somethings – don’t you think? 😉 The ragdoll is extreme but also funny and sure not rigid.
So, be nice and take a look here:

One thought on “Let’s put some ragdoll

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