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Here it is our current week update about EFFING DEAD:

  • New gfx style > shader and gfx style almost done with more colors and a black outline
  • New Level > near to be complete with puzzles and stuff
  • New character game mechanic > complete and functional, more info soon ^_^
  • New Hud interface controls > done with new icons and tabs
  • New text messages manager > updated with a better color management and the possibility to add images (N, scalable)

Those are the current updates that change the shape of EFFING DEAD. As you can imagine and see it’s a radical direction change that needs also an update of the game name. So, no more EFFING DEAD but a new one that is not (completely) defined right now – please wait for the next post.
You can see from the first screenshot that the differences are huge:

For more info about our games please come back soon, we are preparing the next post with all the info about it.

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