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Sector-07 work in progress

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Hi all

after the Ubuntu release we are of course working on the new Sectors.
Currently we are building Sector-07 and designing Sector-08.

Sector-07 is more or less more action oriented after a completely puzzle oriented Sector-06. The idea is to make a more dark zone then the rest of the game and all focused on exploration and fights in big rooms with new monsters – yes we have a new genre, here. 😉

At the end of the Sector there will be a special bonus for the Nexus SynB but you need to play to find out ;).

Some pics:

And here a sneak peek from part of the map of Sector-08 even if it could change a bit:


Sector-08 will be a mix of action and puzzles with a lot of “defend your team and use your brain” but this info are for the next update. 😉

Have fun and please spread the word!


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