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Game over 2015

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2015-09-19 18.44.34

Hi all!

Last week end we were at the Game Over 2015 (Milan) and it was quite fun.
We had many great gamers at our location, knows nice persons that were interested in the flair and some other devs.
Some pics, take a look:

2015-09-19 18.44.29

2015-09-19 21.07.06

2015-09-19 13.19.16 2015-09-19 19.16.082015-09-19 14.49.16 2015-09-19 15.48.26

and here’s our youngest champion that made it to level 2: 2015-09-19 15.10.02

He didn’t even read texts, just follow his instinct 😉 AMAZING.
We also gave away some cards:

cardSynB03DART cardHope12 cardSynB01IGHEL cardSynB02Dummy

After the fair we spoke a lot about how the people has played the game and the challenge of the first sector.
So we decided to add a camera move on the first use of the activator to be sure everyone understand what to do, a bit more.

In current version we have other fixes:

  • click on the options highest border doesn’t close anymore the options
  • better cut scene on first water colour change, without the problem of pressing the action button and change SynBs at the same time
  • better shader on taken d-Disks
  • first enemies in Sector-01 give more ammo when killed, so no more risk to be without ammo on Sector-02
  • the kebre is easy to kill on Sector- on level easy and normal, with longer scream animation and less energy

You can play right now with all that stuff right now.
With the localization we are on SP, FR and DE, it will take more time but it’s coming out.

That’s all for the news, take care and have fun until next week!


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