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What are we doing?

Hi all! How is it? We hope fine ^_^

it’s a long time from last blog post… so what’s going on?
We are still moving on with new game(s) but it’s still NOT the right time to tell everything.

Of course we are working on EFFING DEAD even if we are on other new stuff. When will we show something? We are not sure even if we are moving on fast… Let’s just say we are on prototyping stuff – stuff that, btw, we are really enjoying 😉

So this is currently EFFING DEAD state, which we decide to develop with #Unity and not Python and it’s moving slowly but it’s moving – more or less:


I would like to find some time for making a weekly dev-diary on YouTube (or maybe Twitch)  but we will see…

Oh, btw don’t forget that THE BODY CHANGER is on #SALE on those days so open your wallet!


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Christmas surprise! EFFING DEAD has been GREENLIT!

efffD_greenlit…and when you think you have opened all the gifts under the tree, another one jumps out!
SO, finally, EFFING DEAD has been GREENLIT and we must of course say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU!

As you maybe now, we are currently full (night) time on THE BODY CHANGER so EFFING DEAD must wait a bit more but we have some ideas. 😉
So wait for future news and why not follow us on FACEBOOK or on TWITTER ?
As usual, please, tell your friends!  It’s nice to be part of this little but GREAT INDIE GAME COMMUNITY !

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Install > HaveFun > Review, EFFING DEAD now on DESURA


We released EFFING DEAD on DESURA check it out! It’s FREE!

So your week end goal should be, as the post title:
Install > HaveFun > Review

…and then you could also check  THE BODY CHANGER! Maybe you find out that sometimes you could fall in love with a videogame 😉



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Our New Game: The Body Changer

The time is right to reveal the New Game Title – here it is:theBodyChangerThe Body Changer is our new game that, like a phoenix, was born from Effing Dead.

But why the name change?  It’s still on space, still action, still adventure but with a new mechanic that alter the gameplay style.

After we started with the gfx restyle we discussed a lot about new ideas that we decided to introduce – a lot of new ideas and concepts. So many that, at some point, we thought this game isn’t really Effing Dead.

We don’t want to spoiler too much, take a look to our gallery and try to  find out by yourself what are the differences 😉 – it’s not too hard, really:

Right now we have done a lot and the game is fully playable in its first part. We are now on making things more clear for the player and on fixing stuff here and there. Soon we will announce next step for The Body Changer and how you can try it on your pc.

Btw, to be clear Effing Dead is not dead… the current version is now called EFFING DEAD – THE BROKEN PATH and we have plans to “close” the current beta as it is. For the future… who knows.

The effort to make Effing Dead gfx with the “realistic style” was too much for only two guys, but we are still very proud of it so eventually we will end it in some ways. We really like what we made, it was simply too much for now.

Now we are focused on The Body Changer – we want to finish this game, right now. And if you try it we think you will really enjoy it. -_^

Tks for reading and please spread the word.

Btw -you can visit also our IndieDB page if you like and support us also there.

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IndieDb of the year 2013 – vote!

If you like us maybe you could do us a favor and vote Effing Dead on the IndieDB:

Indie of the Year Awards

Any help is appreciated and please also spread the word – TKS. ^_^

…and, as a gift for your help, take a look to a new screenshot:



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The body is changing…

Here it is our current week update about EFFING DEAD:

  • New gfx style > shader and gfx style almost done with more colors and a black outline
  • New Level > near to be complete with puzzles and stuff
  • New character game mechanic > complete and functional, more info soon ^_^
  • New Hud interface controls > done with new icons and tabs
  • New text messages manager > updated with a better color management and the possibility to add images (N, scalable)

Those are the current updates that change the shape of EFFING DEAD. As you can imagine and see it’s a radical direction change that needs also an update of the game name. So, no more EFFING DEAD but a new one that is not (completely) defined right now – please wait for the next post.
You can see from the first screenshot that the differences are huge:

For more info about our games please come back soon, we are preparing the next post with all the info about it.

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EFFING DEAD v.0.8.9 released

Well, well, well… do you remember the ragdoll video?
We decide, before releasing the BIG update, to give to you EFFING DEAD v.0.8.9 – the ragdoll version.

We thought that it’s a good idea to let people play with this version because the ragdoll gives really a plus on the animation and it’s funny to see enemies fly away when hit.

So, here is it, go and play and spread the word, please.