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Fumetti per Gioco 2015

Hi all!
Last week end we were at Trieste for the Fumetti per Gioco 2015 fair.
We had an amazing times with all the people that we knew and played THE BODY CHANGER – a lot of congratulations and very good comments.
Some pics:

We had also the opportunity to speak with the youTuber Victorlaszlo88 which is a VERY nice person and liked a lot our game.
He played TBC on Saturday and came back on Sunday asking us to play again… Isn’t that cool? ^_^

Some pics about him:

On Sunday we also met Andrea “Bisboch” Babich which I’m a fan from the Outcast Soundshowser podcast (occasionally on the youTube channel from Fabio Bortolotto). We spoke about a lot of things that are game related, developing problems and stuff.. was quite amazing and he was very impressed by TBC.

2015-11-22 16.16.36

So, it was a very nice week end and TKS SO MUCH to all the people that came playing and speaking with us.
And final pic with the fair staff and other devs:

2015-11-22 19.39.11.jpg
And what about new games? 😉 We are currently on a terrain editor for our next title… take a look:


All still made with Python and Ogre3D, of course. More info in the future 😉

That’s all for today. Take care and have some nice plays,

ALba – TheShortAndTheTall

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After the New Game Designer 2014 in Milan some gameplay updates

We were at the New Game Designer 2014, in Milan – our first official appearance at a trade show:

We had some great time with the other developers and the occasional players which seem to enjoy a lot THE BODY CHANGER – we were impressed. Some were very curious and excited to try it (see the pic 😉 ) and it was nice to chat a bit with the people and watching them play.
If you like, more photos can be seen on our official Google plus page.

Now that THE BODY CHANGER is greenlit we are back on the game development, so it’s time for a new update, don’t you think? 😉
We are now on another new Sector, which has some new and very different puzzles then the usual stuff:

  • more interaction with the noisers
  • new types of environment objects to use
  • a new SynB
  • …and here I must stop because the spoilers 😉 but you take a look to the pics:

New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014 New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014

New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014 New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014

New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014 New updates for THE BODY CHANGER - 07/2014

We had also designed more puzzles for the next Sectors – I must tell ya, we were very inspired. 😉 but those are for the future news.

So that’s all for now, please remember 😉 to tell your friend about the THE BODY CHANGER in case they have missed it – the release date is coming (maybe) soon ^_^.

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Noi. Domani. Milano. New Game Design 2014. Venite!

Domani, 1 luglio, noi 2 di TheShortAndTheTall saremo a Milano al New Game Design 2014.

É la nostra prima uscita, non abbiamo la minima idea di come sia ma ovviamente speriamo di divertirci magari assieme a voi. Quindi venite a trovarci così da per provare The Body Changer oltre a fare due chiacchiere.
L’evento dovrebbe essere trasmesso anche in streaming dal canale di EUROGAMER italia. Maggiori info dal sito ufficiale della NGD2014 .

A domani! ^_^