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Lights, camera, revolution

Hi everyone.
We didn’t post anything since days because we have finished the OPEN BETA bug fixing.
That’s right, asap the OPEN BETA will be available for anyone but there will be some more news with it. 😉

Btw we have made some changes effingdead_shot4_27 after many forum comments. As you see, maybe, in one of the last post, we change the lighting but recently we improve it  AGAIN ^_^  and add some rim lights to the characters, to get a nice outline on them (tks to Oogst from Ogree3D forum for the tip). So, even in complete dark, it will be possible to see if you are not alone – maybe you see something similar on Team Fortress II.

Also, we change the camera position, more close and a bit on the right of the player’s avatar, and introduce the possibility to deactivate the enemies energy bars, because different people wrote that they prefer to DON’T know the health state of the zombies and mutants.

So, what’s next? As we finish some stuff we will publish the first beta – it’s just about days. Follow us to know when it will be available or come back here sometimes.

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EFFING DEAD, more info

The game take place on a far far planet. A company specialized in finding new water sources send a ship of specialized clones to research new resurgences. The clone find a planet full of water and build a station for taking and storage the water.
But the connection with the planet station is lost by weeks, only one security clone seems to be functional and operative. It’s up to the player to take control of him and check what’s going on.

The objective is to find out what’s happen to the station, clean any kind of hostilities and activate the main signal with earth.

The defence clone is full operative and ready to take action and fix any kind of problem, but the player need to take care of the connection with him: damage disturb and alter the camera signal. Plus you need to worry about some places that have connections shields which must be removed or deactivated.

The clone has also a special ability when he aims objects: he can interact with station terminals, activate machines and take control of different type of sensors. The player will use the aim ability to explore and restore the full functionality of the water station.


  • Third person point of view with real time lighting and day/night time
  • 3D water with physics
  • In game Map with enemies presence
  • No need of inventory screen: change weapon and use stuff in game without any pause
  • Aim to interact and take control of different type of sensors
  • Exploration will need puzzles solving – we like action but also brain use
  • Different type of weapons, customizable with upgrades
  • Enemies with multiple type of AI and attackdefence behaviour
  • Find the right tactics and the best way to kill the enemies for increasing your ammo and collecting coins for weapons upgrades
  • Do head shots or destroy bodies parts with your arsenal
  • Be fast with the button press when enemies takes you
  • Perform barrel rolls to avoid grabs and use the energy blade for special moves
  • Look out for your energy and prevent damage for the camera signal
  • Find out how to enter areas with camera signal shields